Billy/Teddy- Ballet Shoes

Teddy hadn’t been expecting music when he returned home that night. Billy was usually curled on the couch with a book, or studying for an exam, or cooking something for their dinner. Sometimes Tommy or Cassie would be there, and they’d end up caught in a Smash Bros Tournament or playing the Game of the Week until 2 in the morning.


The usual delighted reply was missing. Instead, Teddy was greeted with the soft hum of violins and the dance of a piano. If Billy listened to music while he worked, it was usually some Broadway piece. But this was pure music, no vocals, no lyrics, just the lilting melody of a quartet and a, if Teddy’s ears were right, a Piano duet. He dropped his bag by the couch and pulled off his coat, listening to the music that filled the apartment, coming from their bedroom. Maybe Billy had discovered a new musical or soundtrack or something and had gotten caught up in listening to it.

He wasn’t sure what he had expected, honestly.

But Billy in pink pointe shoes was not it.


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