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Dearest Roxie,

Thank you for asking me to be your date. It gave me an excuse to get all dolled up. I’m sorry the pictures could not be better quality, but I hope I am worthy.

All my love,

Catena <3 xoxo

Because that’s going to be me. I’m going to be standing there, staring out at all those people, crying and making a fool of myself. And that will be the moment you all start taking me seriously. And you will be wearing a tux so help me god.

Me explaining to my boyfriend why I bother watching the Oscars. 

Is it bad that fictional characters have such a huge impact on my life choices?

I’m not talking about my relationships or anything, but my behaviors and lifestyle choices lately have been somewhat inspired or impacted by fictional characters.

I’m not even going to go into the impacts of Sherlock, because I’m still not settled with it all. But mainly it’s been the comic books.

Between Steve, Tony, Bruce, Clint, Thor and Peter, I’ve started changing my lifestyle in ways I hadn’t thought about before. I’ve always talked about Tony’s influence on me, since he’s become such an important character in my life, but the others are having an influence too.

Peter makes me want to be a happier person, to try and see the good in people, make jokes and not be so god damn cynical about everything. To take every opportunity as a gift and be proud of it, of who I am. 

Clint makes me want to find my freedom again, to cut ties with those who are hurting me and holding me back. He makes me want to fight against those who silence me, who tell me I’m wrong or not good enough. 

Thor makes me want to be a stronger person, someone who stands up for my family, my history, defend what has made me who I am today. I already do this a lot but I guess Thor has reiterated that for me. 

Bruce makes me want to face my demons and make peace with them, to stop running away from what scares me, to stop fighting my emotions and just let it be. He makes me want to examine the “monsters” in our world and come to terms with the fact that they aren’t monsters at all. I hadn’t really connected with Bruce’s character before, but now all of a sudden, maybe because I’ve started college and I’m seeing things differently, but he’s become a sort of reminder that we all have demons, we all have problems, but we manage to carry on an stay strong.

Tony, well, Tony makes me want to try harder, to have confidence in myself and ignore what the cynics say. I’ve already babbled about Tony and how much I love him in other posts, so I’ll keep this one brief, but He just makes me feel loved, reminds me I am human, I make mistakes and even so I’m still a good person, a brilliant person and that I can always be better.

And Steve. The thing with Steve is it’s got nothing to do with Captain America, because a lot of the time, Captain America goes against all of Steve’s values and can come across as quite the bully.

But Steve, Steve Grant Rogers, he makes me want to be a good person. He makes me want to be less judgmental, less angry, less rude. He makes me want to stand up for others, to be brave despite how afraid of life I am. He even makes me want to join the military a little, because he embodies the positive aspects of a soldier, aspects I see in my own father, honor, bravery, pride, physical and mental strength. He (and Tony and Peter) are the reasons I want to get back into shape and start being more healthy, because that can lend to me being a stronger, happier, healthier person. 

Maybe I’m just to attached to them, maybe I need to get more of a social life and role models that actually exist, but hey, I’m not really complaining. They’re at least there for me no matter what. They can’t leave, seeing as they are stuck in comic books. Real people tend to abandon you and give up you. These guys can’t.

So my boyfriend asked me why I believed The Doctor was real.

  • Niko: It's science fiction. As cool as it would be it isn't possible.
  • Me: I think it is.
  • Niko: Why?
  • Me: It gives me hope.
  • Niko: But it's a futile hope. A Man in a blue box isn't going to come falling out of the sky and whisk us away.
  • Me: Maybe not anytime soon.
  • Niko: Sweetheart-
  • Me: Some people believe in heaven.I believe that when I die, a silly old man with a blue police box will show up on my door step and whisk me away. He'll show me all the wonders of the universe. Sounds so much nicer than an eternity of peace with all your ancestors.

Kc and I are mother fucking Gargoyles
you&#8217;re argument is forever invalid.
this show was the greatest ever.
Kc is the gray Gargoyle and I&#8217;m the red one, like Brooklyn who was my favorite next to Goliath.

Kc and I are mother fucking Gargoyles

you’re argument is forever invalid.

this show was the greatest ever.

Kc is the gray Gargoyle and I’m the red one, like Brooklyn who was my favorite next to Goliath.